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Swim lesson sessions “Learn to Swim” program will be 2 weeks in length with lessons being taught Monday thru Thursday each of the week.  Fridays will be reserved for make-up days for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.  As in years past, all children of members are invited to participate.  Enjoying swim lessons on consecutive days provides the children with more concentrated learning time and should help families plan their summer out.  

The “Learn to Swim” program through the American Red Cross and is taught by our own CSTC lifeguards who are certified as Water Safety Instructors.

All children are welcomed to join the CSTC Swim Team if they are able to swim the length of the pool freestyle unassisted without stopping.  However, our coaching staff strongly encourages children to continue to take swim lessons as well.  The swim lesson program is designed for children to learn the strokes and swim techniques.  The Swim Team practice time is not for learning to swim, but for perfecting technique, building endurance, and increasing speed.  

FEE:  $15 per child/per session. 

DATES:  **Note that the dates for Sessions 3 & 4 have been updated as of 5/27/21**




Session 1

June 14 - 25

Saturday, June 12th

Session 2

June 28 - July 9

Saturday, July 26th

Session 3

July 19 - 30

Saturday, July 17th

Session 4

August 2 - 13

Saturday, July 31st

* Lessons are Monday - Thursday with Friday being a make-up day in case of inclement weather. 

For instant communication about weather cancellations and reminders, please send a test to 81010 with the message “@CSTCSL. Otherwise call the CSTC Office at (330)533-6907.

SWIM LESSON LEVEL PLACEMENT TESTING:                                                                

All swimmers enrolling in swim lessons are welcome to attend the Orientation Celebration on Saturday, June 5th from 10:30-11:00. The focus of this time is to have fun and help orient the swimmers to the environment, the other children, and the swim instructors who will be instructing them. This is also an opportunity for the swim instructors to assess your child’s ability for placement into the most appropriate level.


Shallow End:

  • Level I (Water Exploration) – Teaches children with no previous swimming experience water adjustment and basic supported swimming skills

  • Level II (Primary Skills) – Emphasizes underwater exploration, unsupported locomotion, front and back combined stroke and jumping into the water without help.

  • Level III (Stroke Readiness) – Teaches front crawl, diving, elementary backstroke and back crawl.

  • Level IV (Stroke Development) Teaches side-stroke and breast-stroke, stressing form, coordination and endurance

Deep End / Diving Well:

  • Level V and VI (Stroke Development, Personal Water Safety, Fitness Swimmer) – Teaches butterfly kick, underwater swimming skills and mastery of stroke skills. 

This level emphasizes on distance swimming, turns and surface dives.  It also promotes endurance swimming, culminating in a continuous 500-yard swim to complete class.

LESSON TIMES: *Times are subject to change from session to session based on need *

We understand that swimmers may miss lessons for various reasons - that’s okay! Please note that the following times are tentative and may be changed from each session and due to the number of swimmers registered for each level. If the times are changed from what is listed you will be contacted via email.

 Time  Level (Location)
 10:00 - 10:30  Level 1 (Shallow)
 11:00 - 11:30  Level 1 (Shallow)
 10:30 - 11:00  Level 2 (Shallow)
 10:00 - 10:30  Level 3 (Shallow)
 11:00 - 11:30  Level 3 (Shallow)
 9:30 - 10:15  Level 4 (Deep)
 11:00 - 11:45  Level 4 (Deep)
 10:15 - 11:00  Level 5 & 6 (Deep)


1) Pay for the number of swimmers you would like to register for Swim Lessons for desired Session dates.

2) Stop by or call the CSTC Office to sign up for the appropriate TIME and LEVEL for each swimmer. Space in each section is limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis. We are NOT able to hold a spot in a section until the session is paid for. Cash & check are acceptable at the CSTC office as well. 



This Swim Lesson Registration Form is NOT for scheduling private swim lessons. Private swim lessons may be scheduled individually with any of the CSTC swim coaches or lifeguards who are Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certified.  Please speak to a staff member in the CSTC Office for more information.

2021 Private Swim Lesson Information


Maggie Brucoli is a CHS and OSU graduate, and was a coach of the CHS Swim Team this past season. While she is currently one of our Assistant Managers, this is also her 8th year as a lifeguard at CSTC and her 6th as a WSI teaching at all levels. She swam competitively for CHS and Penguin Swimming for several years and has experience diving at the collegiate level.

Jordan Helmick is a 2021 graduate of at CHS. She’s been a lifeguard at CSTC for 5 years and a WSI for 3 years, teaching all skill levels in both private and group lessons. She swam competitively for CSTC and CHS and has for Penguins, Piranhas, and Neptunes.

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